• Several ounces of sassy vocals
  • One part sultry saxophone
  • Heaps and gobs of sizzling piano
  • Mix in superb bass, to taste
  • Add just a hint of subtle percussion

That's Martini Crush, your recipe for the tastiest jazz in Sacramento.

Classic renditions of jazz favorites from the 30's, 40's, and 50's, cool bossa novas from the 60's, dreamy romantic ballads, and straight-ahead instrumentals, all mixed together with cocktail-induced swing versions of popular songs from the 90s.

Made up of three permanent members, the band performs as a trio in small, intimate venues and lounges. Larger spaces allow the group to add a stand-up bass player and/or percussionist, as desired. This flexibility allows the band to perform in a variety of settings while meeting a range of budgets.

It's 5pm somewhere…sit back, relax, and ask your server to bring you another Martini Crush.

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